Class cim:SynchronousMachineDetailed

Class [owl:Class]
All synchronous machine detailed types use a subset of the same data parameters and input/output variables. The several variations differ in the following ways:
  • The number of equivalent windings that are included
  • The way in which saturation is incorporated into the model.
  • Whether or not “subtransient saliency” (X''q not = X''d) is represented.
Note: It is not necessary for each simulation tool to have separate models for each of the model types. The same model can often be used for several types by alternative logic within the model. Also, differences in saturation representation may not result in significant model performance differences so model substitutions are often acceptable.
cim:SynchronousMachineDetailed.saturationFactorQAxis max 1 float
cim:SynchronousMachineDetailed.saturationFactor120QAxis max 1 float
cim:SynchronousMachineDetailed.efdBaseRatio max 1 float
cim:SynchronousMachineDetailed.ifdBaseValue max 1 cim:CurrentFlow
cim:SynchronousMachineDetailed.ifdBaseType max 1 cim:IfdBaseKind

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