Class cim:SynchronousMachineDynamics

Class [owl:Class]
Synchronous machine whose behaviour is described by reference to a standard model expressed in one of the following forms:
  • simplified (or classical), where a group of generators or motors is not modelled in detail
  • detailed, in equivalent circuit form
  • detailed, in time constant reactance form
or by definition of a user-defined model. Note: It is a common practice to represent small generators by a negative load rather than by a dynamic generator model when performing dynamics simulations. In this case a SynchronousMachine in the static model is not represented by anything in the dynamics model, instead it is treated as ordinary load. Parameter Notes:
  1. Synchronous machine parameters such as Xl, Xd, Xp etc. are actually used as inductances (L) in the models, but are commonly referred to as reactances since, at nominal frequency, the per unit values are the same. However, some references use the symbol L instead of X.

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