dul:hasComponent  -  from DUL ontology is the hasPart property, but without transitivity
 dul:hasPart  -  from DUL ontology
 geo:lat/long  -  A comma-separated representation of a latitude, longitude coordinate.
 geo:location  -  The relation between something and the point, or other geometrical thing in space, where it is. For example, the realtionship between a radio tower and a Point with a given lat and long. Or a relationship between a park and its outline as a closed arc of points, or a road and its location as a arc (a sequence of points). Clearly in practice there will be limit to the accuracy of any such statement, but one would expect an accuracy appropriate for the size of the object and uses such as mapping .
 LogiCO:has amount
 LogiCO:has fax nr
 LogiCO:has name
 LogiCO:has volume
 LogiCO:has weight
 LogiTrans: has status code
 LogiTrans:Company a
 LogiTrans:Company b
 LogiTrans:Company x
 LogiTrans:Company y
 LogiTrans:Contact Company a
 LogiTrans:Contact company B
 LogiTrans:Contact company x
 LogiTrans:Contact Company y
 LogiTrans:Goods item  -  A Goods Item specifies goods or products to be transported.
 LogiTrans:Goods item 10 aubergine
 LogiTrans:Goods item 34 cucumber
 LogiTrans:has conditions
 LogiTrans:has consignee
 LogiTrans:has consignment
 LogiTrans:has consignor
 LogiTrans:has contact details
 LogiTrans:has document type
 LogiTrans:has issue date
 LogiTrans:has note
 LogiTrans:has other communication
 LogiTrans:has physical location
 LogiTrans:has planned delivery
 LogiTrans:has planned pickup
 LogiTrans:has postal address
 LogiTrans:has registration address
 LogiTrans:has requested delivery
 LogiTrans:has requested pickup
 LogiTrans:has transport contract
 LogiTrans:has transport event type code
 LogiTrans:has transport handling unit
 LogiTrans:has validity period end time
 LogiTrans:has validity period start time
 LogiTrans:Number 1
 LogiTrans:Physical location CompanyX
 LogiTrans:Planned delivery transport event
 LogiTrans:planned pickup location
 LogiTrans:Planned pickup transport event
 LogiTrans:Planned Transport activity 1
 LogiTrans:Requested delivery location
 LogiTrans:Requested delivery transport event
 LogiTrans:requested pickup location
 LogiTrans:Requested pickup transport event
 LogiTrans:Transport activity  -  A Transport Activity is an Activity in which Cargo is moved from Origin to Destination using Resources by a Carrier.
 LogiTrans:Transport contract 1
 LogiTrans:Transport event
 LogiTrans:Transport Location  -  A Transport Location is both a logical and a geographical Location to or from which Cargo can be transported.
 LogiTrans:Transport Party  -  A Transport Party is an Actor that can act as a legal entity in the execution of transport activities.
 LogiTrans:Transport plan  -  A Transport Plan a Transport Service Provider's response to a Transport Request of a Transport Service Consumer. It specifies the planned pickup and delivery.
 LogiTrans:Transport plan 1
 LogiTrans:Transport Request  -  In a Transport Request a Transport Service Consumer specifies to a Transport Service Provider which Cargo he wants to have transported from some Origin at a Requested Pickup to some Destination at a Requested Delivery.
 LogiTrans:Transport request 1