Class s4ener:Slot

The single steps of a power sequence are represented by slots. A slot is associated with a slot number (while a power sequence is associated with a power sequence identifier). The slot numbers of two power sequences should be considered independent from each other, i.e., slot number 7 of sequence 1 describes a different slot than slot number 7 of sequence 2. Therefore a slot is only uniquely identified in combination with a sequence ID.
saref:hasTime max 1 s4ener:StartTime
saref:hasTime max 1 s4ener:LatestEndTime
saref:hasTime max 1 s4ener:EndTime
s4ener:hasValueType min 1 (s4ener:Energy
or s4ener:Power)
s4ener:hasPowerValueType only s4ener:Power
saref:hasTime max 1 s4ener:EarliestStartTime
saref:hasTime max 1 s4ener:RemainingPauseTime
saref:hasTime max 1 s4ener:DefaultDuration
s4ener:hasEnergyValueType only s4ener:Energy
saref:hasTime max 1 s4ener:MaxDuration
s4ener:optionalSlot max 1
s4ener:belongsTo only s4ener:PowerSequence
s4ener:belongsTo exactly 1 s4ener:PowerSequence
s4ener:slotNumber exactly 1
saref:hasDescription max 1
s4ener:slotActivated max 1
saref:hasTime max 1 s4ener:MinDuration
saref:hasTime max 1 s4ener:DurationUncertainty
saref:hasTime only saref:Time

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