Class s4ener:Device

A specialization of a saref:Device that exposes a power profile with power sequences to the CEM (note that a s4ee:Device can also be called 'power sequence server'). Most of the existing devices can expose at most 1 power profile, but there are special cases in which more than one power profiles can be exposed by the same device. For example, consider the case of a combined fridge-freezer in which there are 2 logical devices (fridge and freezer) combined in 1 physical device. This combined device can expose 2 power profiles, one for the fridge and one for the freezer. A s4ee:Device (e.g. a household appliance or a smart meter) can also receive events about overload warning severity level and related load control commands (LoadControlEventData)
s4ener:exposes only s4ener:PowerProfile
s4ener:manufacturerNodeIdentification max 1
s4ener:powerSource min 0
s4ener:brandName max 1
s4ener:exposes min 0 s4ener:PowerProfile
s4ener:receives min 0 s4ener:LoadControlEventData
s4ener:manufacturerDescription max 1
s4ener:serialNumber max 1
s4ener:softwareRevision max 1
s4ener:receives only s4ener:LoadControlEventData
s4ener:vendorName max 1
s4ener:hardwareRevision max 1
s4ener:deviceName max 1
s4ener:vendorCode max 1
s4ener:deviceCode max 1
s4ener:manufacturerLabel max 1

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