Class saref:Device

A tangible object designed to accomplish a particular task in households, common public buildings or offices. In order to accomplish this task, the device performs one or more functions. For example, a washing machine is designed to wash (task) and to accomplish this task it performs a start and stop function. Devices can be structured in categories (subclasses) that reflect the different domain in which a device is used, e.g., smart appliances domain (subclass FunctionRelated) vs. building domain (subclass BuildingRelated) vs. smart grid domain (subclass EnergyRelated). New categories can be defined,if needed, to reflect other differences, for example different points of view, such as the point of view of the device's user vs. the point of view of the device's manufacturer. We propose a list of devices that are relevant for the purpose of SAREF, but this list can be extended.
saref:controlsProperty only saref:Property
saref:has function min 1 saref:Function
saref:has manufacturer max 1
saref:has model max 1
saref:has state only saref:State
saref:has typical consumption only (saref:Energy
or saref:Power)
saref:offers only saref:Service
saref:has description max 1
saref:consists of only saref:Device
saref:measuresProperty only saref:Property
saref:is used for only saref:Commodity
saref:has profile only saref:Profile
saref:makesMeasurement only saref:Measurement
saref:accomplishes min 1 saref:Task

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