Class cim:UsagePoint

Class [owl:Class]
Logical or physical point in the network to which readings or events may be attributed. Used at the place where a physical or virtual meter may be located; however, it is not required that a meter be present.
cim:UsagePoint.checkBilling max 1 boolean
cim:UsagePoint.isVirtual max 1 boolean
cim:UsagePoint.minimalUsageExpected max 1 boolean
cim:UsagePoint.ratedPower max 1 cim:ActivePower
cim:UsagePoint.estimatedLoad max 1 cim:CurrentFlow
cim:UsagePoint.phaseCode max 1 cim:PhaseCode
cim:UsagePoint.isSdp max 1 boolean
cim:UsagePoint.readCycle max 1 string
cim:UsagePoint.servicePriority max 1 string
cim:UsagePoint.serviceDeliveryRemark max 1 string
cim:UsagePoint.readRoute max 1 string
cim:UsagePoint.outageRegion max 1 string
cim:UsagePoint.nominalServiceVoltage max 1 cim:Voltage
cim:UsagePoint.amiBillingReady max 1 cim:AmiBillingReadyKind
cim:UsagePoint.ratedCurrent max 1 cim:CurrentFlow
cim:UsagePoint.connectionState max 1 cim:UsagePointConnectedKind
cim:UsagePoint.grounded max 1 boolean

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