Class cim:Measure

Class [owl:Class]
A Measurement represents any measured, calculated or non-measured non-calculated quantity. Any piece of equipment may contain Measurements, e.g. a substation may have temperature measurements and door open indications, a transformer may have oil temperature and tank pressure measurements, a bay may contain a number of power flow measurements and a Breaker may contain a switch status measurement. The PSR - Measurement association is intended to capture this use of Measurement and is included in the naming hierarchy based on EquipmentContainer. The naming hierarchy typically has Measurements as leafs, e.g. Substation-VoltageLevel-Bay-Switch-Measurement. Some Measurements represent quantities related to a particular sensor location in the network, e.g. a voltage transformer (PT) at a busbar or a current transformer (CT) at the bar between a breaker and an isolator. The sensing position is not captured in the PSR - Measurement association. Instead it is captured by the Measurement - Terminal association that is used to define the sensing location in the network topology. The location is defined by the connection of the Terminal to ConductingEquipment. If both a Terminal and PSR are associated, and the PSR is of type ConductingEquipment, the associated Terminal should belong to that ConductingEquipment instance. When the sensor location is needed both Measurement-PSR and Measurement-Terminal are used. The Measurement-Terminal association is never used alone.
cim:Measure.measurementType max 1 string
cim:Measure.unitSymbol max 1 cim:UnitSymbol
cim:Measure.unitMultiplier max 1 cim:UnitMultiplier
cim:Measure.phases max 1 cim:PhaseCode

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