Class cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2

Class [owl:Class]
The class represents the Type UEL2 which has either a straight-line or multi-segment characteristic when plotted in terms of machine reactive power output vs. real power output. Reference: IEEE UEL2 421.5-2005 Section 10.2. (Limit characteristic lookup table shown in Figure 10.4 (p 32) of the standard).
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p1 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p3 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p7 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p10 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.vuimax max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.vulmin max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p8 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.tu4 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q1 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q10 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p4 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q7 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.tu1 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q8 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q2 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q3 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.tu3 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.k2 max 1 float
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p5 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.tul max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p0 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.tuq max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.kui max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.tuv max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.k1 max 1 float
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p9 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.kuf max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q4 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q9 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q0 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q6 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.tu2 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.kfb max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p6 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.p2 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.tup max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.vuimin max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.q5 max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.kul max 1 cim:PU
cim:UnderexcLimIEEE2.vulmax max 1 cim:PU

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