Class cim:Shift

Class [owl:Class]
Generally referring to a period of operation or work performed. Whether the shift is open/closed can be derived from attributes 'activityInterval.start' and 'activityInterval.end'. The grand total for receipts (i.e., cumulative total of all actual receipted amounts during this shift; bankable + non-bankable; excludes rounding error totals) can be derived from receipt: =sum('Receipt.receiptAmount'); includes bankable and non-bankable receipts. It also has to be reconciled against: =sum('receiptsGrandTotalBankable' + 'receiptsGrandTotalNonBankable') and against receipt summary: =sum('ReceiptSummary.receiptsTotal'). The attributes with "GrandTotal" defined in this class may need to be used when the source data is periodically flushed from the system and then these cannot be derived.
cim:Shift.transactionsGrandTotalRounding max 1 cim:Money
cim:Shift.transactionsGrandTotal max 1 cim:Money
cim:Shift.receiptsGrandTotalRounding max 1 cim:Money
cim:Shift.receiptsGrandTotalNonBankable max 1 cim:Money
cim:Shift.receiptsGrandTotalBankable max 1 cim:Money
cim:Shift.activityInterval max 1 cim:DateTimeInterval

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