Class cim:SecurityConstraintSum

Class [owl:Class]
Typically provided by RTO systems, constraints identified in both base case and critical contingency cases have to be transferred. A constraint has N (>=1) constraint terms. A term is represented by an instance of TerminalConstraintTerm. The constraint expression is: minValue <= c1*x1 + c2*x2 + .... cn*xn + k <= maxValue where: - cn is ConstraintTerm.factor - xn is the flow at the terminal Flow into the associated equipment is positive for the purpose of ConnectivityNode NodeConstraintTerm k is SecurityConstraintsLinear.resourceMW The units of k are assumed to be same as the units of the flows, xn. The constants, cn, are dimensionless. With these conventions, cn and k are all positive for a typical constraint such as "weighted sum of generation shall be less than limit". Furthermore, cn are all 1.0 for a case such as "interface flow shall be less than limit", assuming the terminals are chosen on the importing side of the interface.

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