Class cim:RegulatingControl

Class [owl:Class]
Specifies a set of equipment that works together to control a power system quantity such as voltage or flow. Remote bus voltage control is possible by specifying the controlled terminal located at some place remote from the controlling equipment. In case multiple equipment, possibly of different types, control same terminal there must be only one RegulatingControl at that terminal. The most specific subtype of RegulatingControl shall be used in case such equipment participate in the control, e.g. TapChangerControl for tap changers. For flow control load sign convention is used, i.e. positive sign means flow out from a TopologicalNode (bus) into the conducting equipment.
cim:RegulatingControl.targetDeadband max 1 float
cim:RegulatingControl.enabled max 1 boolean
cim:RegulatingControl.monitoredPhase max 1 cim:PhaseCode
cim:RegulatingControl.mode max 1 cim:RegulatingControlModeKind
cim:RegulatingControl.targetValueUnitMultiplier max 1 cim:UnitMultiplier
cim:RegulatingControl.targetValue max 1 float
cim:RegulatingControl.discrete max 1 boolean

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