Property cim:ReadingType.measuringPeriod

Time attribute inherent or fundamental to the reading value (as opposed to 'macroPeriod' that supplies an "adjective" to describe aspects of a time period with regard to the measurement). It refers to the way the value was originally measured and not to the frequency at which it is reported or presented. For example, an hourly interval of consumption data would have value 'hourly' as an attribute. However in the case of an hourly sampled voltage value, the meterReadings schema would carry the 'hourly' interval size information. It is common for meters to report demand in a form that is measured over the course of a portion of an hour, while enterprise applications however commonly assume the demand (in kW or kVAr) normalised to 1 hour. The system that receives readings directly from the meter therefore shall perform this transformation before publishing readings for use by the other enterprise systems. The scalar used is chosen based on the block size (not any sub-interval size).

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