Class cim:PssIEEE3B

Class [owl:Class]
The class represents IEEE Std 421.5-2005 type PSS3B power system stabilizer model. The PSS model PSS3B has dual inputs of electrical power and rotor angular frequency deviation. The signals are used to derive an equivalent mechanical power signal. Reference: IEEE 3B 421.5-2005 Section 8.3.
cim:PssIEEE3B.a4 max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.inputSignal2Type max 1 cim:InputSignalKind
cim:PssIEEE3B.ks1 max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.vstmin max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.tw1 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:PssIEEE3B.ks2 max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.inputSignal1Type max 1 cim:InputSignalKind
cim:PssIEEE3B.vstmax max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.t2 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:PssIEEE3B.a6 max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.t1 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:PssIEEE3B.a2 max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.tw3 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:PssIEEE3B.a8 max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.a7 max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.tw2 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:PssIEEE3B.a5 max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.a1 max 1 cim:PU
cim:PssIEEE3B.a3 max 1 cim:PU

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