Class cim:Outage

Class [owl:Class]
Document describing details of an active or planned outage in a part of the electrical network. A non-planned outage may be created upon: - a breaker trip, - a fault indicator status change, - a meter event indicating customer outage, - a reception of one or more customer trouble calls, or - an operator command, reflecting information obtained from the field crew. Outage restoration may be performed using a switching plan which complements the outage information with detailed switching activities, including the relationship to the crew and work. A planned outage may be created upon: - a request for service, maintenance or construction work in the field, or - an operator-defined outage for what-if/contingency network analysis.
cim:Outage.isPlanned max 1 boolean
cim:Outage.cause max 1 string
cim:Outage.cancelledDateTime max 1 dateTime
cim:Outage.summary max 1 cim:ServicePointOutageSummary
cim:Outage.estimatedPeriod max 1 cim:DateTimeInterval
cim:Outage.actualPeriod max 1 cim:DateTimeInterval

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