Class cim:ExcIEEEDC1A

Class [owl:Class]
The class represents IEEE Std 421.5-2005 type DC1A model. This model represents field-controlled dc commutator exciters with continuously acting voltage regulators (especially the direct-acting rheostatic, rotating amplifier, and magnetic amplifier types). Because this model has been widely implemented by the industry, it is sometimes used to represent other types of systems when detailed data for them are not available or when a simplified model is required. Reference: IEEE Standard 421.5-2005 Section 5.1.
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.efd2 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.vrmin max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.uelin max 1 boolean
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.te max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.ka max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.vrmax max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.tb max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.exclim max 1 boolean
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.kf max 1 cim:PU max 1 cim:Seconds max 1 cim:PU max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.efd1 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.seefd1 max 1 float
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.seefd2 max 1 float
cim:ExcIEEEDC1A.ta max 1 cim:Seconds

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