Class cim:ExcELIN2

Class [owl:Class]
Detailed Excitation System Model - ELIN (VATECH). This model represents an all-static excitation system. A PI voltage controller establishes a desired field current set point for a proportional current controller. The integrator of the PI controller has a follow-up input to match its signal to the present field current. Power system stabilizer models used in conjunction with this excitation system model: PssELIN2, PssIEEE2B, Pss2B.
cim:ExcELIN2.efdbas max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.upmin max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.upmax max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.ti4 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:ExcELIN2.k4 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.ti3 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:ExcELIN2.pid1max max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.tb1 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:ExcELIN2.ketb max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.te2 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:ExcELIN2.ti1 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.k2 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.xp max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.ve2 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.ke2 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.kd1 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.k1 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.te max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:ExcELIN2.seve1 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.iefmin max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.iefmax2 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.k1ec max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.tr4 max 1 cim:Seconds
cim:ExcELIN2.seve2 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.ve1 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.k3 max 1 cim:PU
cim:ExcELIN2.iefmax max 1 cim:PU

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