Class cim:EndDevice

Class [owl:Class]
Asset container that performs one or more end device functions. One type of end device is a meter which can perform metering, load management, connect/disconnect, accounting functions, etc. Some end devices, such as ones monitoring and controlling air conditioners, refrigerators, pool pumps may be connected to a meter. All end devices may have communication capability defined by the associated communication function(s). An end device may be owned by a consumer, a service provider, utility or otherwise. There may be a related end device function that identifies a sensor or control point within a metering application or communications systems (e.g., water, gas, electricity). Some devices may use an optical port that conforms to the ANSI C12.18 standard for communications.
cim:EndDevice.isVirtual max 1 boolean
cim:EndDevice.isPan max 1 boolean
cim:EndDevice.installCode max 1 string
cim:EndDevice.amrSystem max 1 string
cim:EndDevice.timeZoneOffset max 1 cim:Minutes

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