Class cim:DotInstruction

Class [owl:Class]
Provides the necessary information (on a resource basis) to capture the Dispatch Operating Target (DOT) results on a Dispatch interval. This information is only relevant to the RT interval market.
cim:DotInstruction.unitStatus max 1 nonNegativeInteger
cim:DotInstruction.rampRateLimit max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.spinReserve max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.hourAheadSchedEnergy max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.nonRampRestrictedMW max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.standardRampEnergy max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.regulationStatus max 1 cim:YesNo
cim:DotInstruction.economicMaxOverride max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.DOT max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.nonSpinReserve max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.hourlySchedule max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.previousDOTTimeStamp max 1 dateTime
cim:DotInstruction.expectedEnergy max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.generatorPerformanceDegree max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.maximumEmergencyInd max 1 boolean
cim:DotInstruction.compliantIndicator max 1 cim:YesNo
cim:DotInstruction.meterLoadFollowing max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.actualRampRate max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.supplementalEnergy max 1 float
cim:DotInstruction.instructionTime max 1 dateTime

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