Class cim:AuxiliaryAgreement

Class [owl:Class]
An ad-hoc auxiliary account agreement associated with a customer agreement, not part of the customer's account, but typically subject to formal agreement between customer and supplier (utility). Typically this is used to collect revenue owed by the customer for other services or arrears accrued with the utility for other services. It is typically linked to a prepaid token purchase transaction, thus forcing the customer to make a payment towards settlement of the auxiliary account balance whenever the customer needs to purchase a prepaid token for electricity. The present status of the auxiliary agreement can be defined in the context of the utility's business rules, for example: enabled, disabled, pending, over recovered, under recovered, written off, etc.
cim:AuxiliaryAgreement.auxCycle max 1 string
cim:AuxiliaryAgreement.fixedAmount max 1 cim:Money
cim:AuxiliaryAgreement.auxPriorityCode max 1 string
cim:AuxiliaryAgreement.payCycle max 1 string
cim:AuxiliaryAgreement.subType max 1 string
cim:AuxiliaryAgreement.minAmount max 1 cim:Money
cim:AuxiliaryAgreement.vendPortion max 1 cim:PerCent
cim:AuxiliaryAgreement.vendPortionArrear max 1 cim:PerCent
cim:AuxiliaryAgreement.arrearsInterest max 1 cim:PerCent

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