Class cim:Asset

Class [owl:Class]
Tangible resource of the utility, including power system equipment, various end devices, cabinets, buildings, etc. For electrical network equipment, the role of the asset is defined through PowerSystemResource and its subclasses, defined mainly in the Wires model (refer to IEC61970-301 and model package IEC61970::Wires). Asset description places emphasis on the physical characteristics of the equipment fulfilling that role.
cim:Asset.serialNumber max 1 string
cim:Asset.type max 1 string
cim:Asset.lotNumber max 1 string
cim:Asset.utcNumber max 1 string
cim:Asset.initialLossOfLife max 1 cim:PerCent
cim:Asset.acceptanceTest max 1 cim:AcceptanceTest
cim:Asset.lifecycle max 1 cim:LifecycleDate
cim:Asset.status max 1 cim:Status
cim:Asset.electronicAddress max 1 cim:ElectronicAddress
cim:Asset.purchasePrice max 1 cim:Money
cim:Asset.initialCondition max 1 string
cim:Asset.critical max 1 boolean

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