Class Wires.ACLineSegment

Class [owl:Class]
A wire or combination of wires, with consistent electrical characteristics, building a single electrical system, used to carry alternating current between points in the power system. For symmetrical, transposed 3ph lines, it is sufficient to use attributes of the line segment, which describe impedances and admittances for the entire length of the segment. Additionally impedances can be computed by using length and associated per length impedances. The BaseVoltage at the two ends of ACLineSegments in a Line shall have the same BaseVoltage.nominalVoltage. However, boundary lines may have slightly different BaseVoltage.nominalVoltages and variation is allowed. Larger voltage difference in general requires use of an equivalent branch.
ACLineSegment.x0 max 1 Domain.Reactance
ACLineSegment.bch max 1 Domain.Susceptance
ACLineSegment.shortCircuitEndTemperature max 1 Domain.Temperature
ACLineSegment.b0ch max 1 Domain.Susceptance
ACLineSegment.gch max 1 Domain.Conductance
ACLineSegment.r0 max 1 Domain.Resistance
ACLineSegment.r max 1 Domain.Resistance
ACLineSegment.g0ch max 1 Domain.Conductance
ACLineSegment.x max 1 Domain.Reactance

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