Class TurbineGovernorDynamics.GovHydroPelton

Class [owl:Class]
Detailed hydro unit - Pelton model. This model can be used to represent the dynamic related to water tunnel and surge chamber. A schematic of the hydraulic system of detailed hydro unit models, like Francis and Pelton, is located under the GovHydroFrancis class.
GovHydroPelton.tx max 1 Domain.Seconds
GovHydroPelton.h2 max 1 Domain.Length
GovHydroPelton.twng max 1 Domain.Seconds
GovHydroPelton.vcv max 1 Domain.PU
GovHydroPelton.bp max 1 Domain.PU
GovHydroPelton.vav max 1 Domain.PU
GovHydroPelton.valvmin max 1 Domain.PU
GovHydroPelton.av0 max 1 Domain.Area
GovHydroPelton.qn max 1 Domain.VolumeFlowRate
GovHydroPelton.db1 max 1 Domain.Frequency max 1 Domain.Length
GovHydroPelton.qc0 max 1 Domain.PU max 1 float
GovHydroPelton.waterTunnelSurgeChamberSimulation max 1 boolean
GovHydroPelton.ta max 1 Domain.Seconds
GovHydroPelton.kc max 1 Domain.PU
GovHydroPelton.twnc max 1 Domain.Seconds max 1 float
GovHydroPelton.db2 max 1 Domain.Frequency max 1 Domain.PU max 1 Domain.Seconds
GovHydroPelton.valvmax max 1 Domain.PU
GovHydroPelton.staticCompensating max 1 boolean
GovHydroPelton.av1 max 1 Domain.Area
GovHydroPelton.simplifiedPelton max 1 boolean
GovHydroPelton.zsfc max 1 Domain.Length
GovHydroPelton.ts max 1 Domain.Seconds
GovHydroPelton.h1 max 1 Domain.Length

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