Class ReferenceData.ContractRight

Class [owl:Class]
Provides definition of Transmission Ownership Right and Existing Transmission Contract identifiers for use by SCUC. RMR contract hosting: Startup lead time, Contract Service Limits, Max Service Hours, Max MWhs, Max Start-ups, Ramp Rate, Max Net Dependable Capacity, Min Capacity and Unit Substitution for DAM/RTM to retrieve;
ContractRight.latestSchedMktType max 1 MarketType
ContractRight.financialRightsRTM max 1 YesNo
ContractRight.financialLocation max 1 YesNo
ContractRight.maximumScheduleQuantity max 1 float
ContractRight.physicalRightsRTM max 1 YesNo
ContractRight.chainOrder max 1 nonNegativeInteger
ContractRight.physicalRightsDAM max 1 YesNo
ContractRight.contractPrice max 1 Domain.CostPerEnergyUnit
ContractRight.TRType max 1 TRType
ContractRight.latestSchedMinutes max 1 nonNegativeInteger
ContractRight.startupLeadTime max 1 nonNegativeInteger
ContractRight.contractMW max 1 float
ContractRight.contractStatus max 1 string
ContractRight.minimumLoad max 1 float
ContractRight.maximumStartups max 1 nonNegativeInteger
ContractRight.endEffectiveDate max 1 dateTime
ContractRight.minimumScheduleQuantity max 1 float
ContractRight.maximumServiceHours max 1 nonNegativeInteger
ContractRight.financialRightsDAM max 1 YesNo
ContractRight.startEffectiveDate max 1 dateTime
ContractRight.fuelAdder max 1 float
ContractRight.contractType max 1 ContractType
ContractRight.contractPriority max 1 nonNegativeInteger
ContractRight.maxNetDependableCapacity max 1 float

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