Class MarketResults.PassThroughBill

Class [owl:Class]
Pass Through Bill is used for: 1)Two sided charge transactions with or without ISO involvement (hence the ?pass thru?) 2) Specific direct charges or payments that are calculated outside or provided directly to settlements 3) Specific charge bill determinants that are externally supplied and used in charge calculations
PassThroughBill.quantity max 1 Domain.FloatQuantity
PassThroughBill.serviceStart max 1 dateTime
PassThroughBill.amount max 1 Domain.Money
PassThroughBill.taxAmount max 1 Domain.Money
PassThroughBill.billRunType max 1 string
PassThroughBill.paidTo max 1 string
PassThroughBill.isDisputed max 1 boolean
PassThroughBill.isProfiled max 1 boolean
PassThroughBill.productCode max 1 string
PassThroughBill.tradeDate max 1 dateTime
PassThroughBill.previousStart max 1 dateTime
PassThroughBill.transactionType max 1 string
PassThroughBill.timeZone max 1 string
PassThroughBill.billedTo max 1 string
PassThroughBill.serviceEnd max 1 dateTime
PassThroughBill.providedBy max 1 string
PassThroughBill.soldTo max 1 string
PassThroughBill.billEnd max 1 dateTime
PassThroughBill.effectiveDate max 1 dateTime
PassThroughBill.billStart max 1 dateTime
PassThroughBill.previousEnd max 1 dateTime
PassThroughBill.adjustedAmount max 1 Domain.Money
PassThroughBill.transactionDate max 1 dateTime
PassThroughBill.price max 1 Domain.Money

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