Class ExcitationSystemDynamics.ExcIEEEST3A

Class [owl:Class]
The class represents IEEE Std 421.5-2005 type ST3A model. Some static systems utilize a field voltage control loop to linearize the exciter control characteristic. This also makes the output independent of supply source variations until supply limitations are reached. These systems utilize a variety of controlled-rectifier designs: full thyristor complements or hybrid bridges in either series or shunt configurations. The power source may consist of only a potential source, either fed from the machine terminals or from internal windings. Some designs may have compound power sources utilizing both machine potential and current. These power sources are represented as phasor combinations of machine terminal current and voltage and are accommodated by suitable parameters in model Type ST3A which is represented by ExcIEEEST3A. Reference: IEEE Standard 421.5-2005 Section 7.3.
ExcIEEEST3A.tb max 1 Domain.Seconds
ExcIEEEST3A.vrmax max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEST3A.vgmax max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEST3A.thetap max 1 Domain.AngleDegrees max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEST3A.vmmax max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEST3A.vbmax max 1 Domain.PU max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEST3A.vimin max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEST3A.vimax max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEST3A.ta max 1 Domain.Seconds
ExcIEEEST3A.xl max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEST3A.kc max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEST3A.vrmin max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEST3A.vmmin max 1 Domain.PU max 1 Domain.PU max 1 Domain.Seconds
ExcIEEEST3A.ka max 1 Domain.PU max 1 Domain.Seconds max 1 Domain.PU

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