Class ExcitationSystemDynamics.ExcIEEEAC5A

Class [owl:Class]
The class represents IEEE Std 421.5-2005 type AC5A model. The model represents a simplified model for brushless excitation systems. The regulator is supplied from a source, such as a permanent magnet generator, which is not affected by system disturbances. Unlike other ac models, this model uses loaded rather than open circuit exciter saturation data in the same way as it is used for the dc models. Because the model has been widely implemented by the industry, it is sometimes used to represent other types of systems when either detailed data for them are not available or simplified models are required. Reference: IEEE Standard 421.5-2005 Section 6.5.
ExcIEEEAC5A.efd1 max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEAC5A.vrmax max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEAC5A.kf max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEAC5A.seefd2 max 1 float max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEAC5A.tf1 max 1 Domain.Seconds
ExcIEEEAC5A.ta max 1 Domain.Seconds
ExcIEEEAC5A.tf2 max 1 Domain.Seconds
ExcIEEEAC5A.seefd1 max 1 float
ExcIEEEAC5A.efd2 max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEAC5A.te max 1 Domain.Seconds
ExcIEEEAC5A.ka max 1 Domain.PU
ExcIEEEAC5A.tf3 max 1 Domain.Seconds
ExcIEEEAC5A.vrmin max 1 Domain.PU

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